Tabulator allows you to create interactive tables in seconds from any HTML Table, Javascript Array, AJAX data source or JSON formatted data. It comes with a complete set of CSS classes to make styling your tables a doddle. Simply include the library in your project and you're away! You can find the pacakge at: Tabulator

If you want to see how this table was setup please inspect the Tabulator.js file. Of course this is an easy setup, but you can see how we can easily grab data from an AJAX call or remote data source as long as it is packaged according to our table.

There is one downside that I do not like about this package and that is that we are required to create an array of columns and set it up in our factory call to Tabulator. This means we MUST know the format of our data before we can apply Tabulator to it. I mention this because I have had projects where I dynamically create a table and that means I am not aware of the columns prior to run-time. is a good solution there because it will simply apply to any properly formatted table, although it has fewer features than Tabulator. This is a true trade-off that needs to be considered when looking for a package like this.